For emerging speakers
179 /year

Free for association members
  • Listed on up to 65 websites
  • Basic profile
  • Basic event calendaring



For online marketers
439 /year

$39.95 per month
  • + up to 30 minutes of video
  • + recommendations
  • + 5 website plugins
  • + SpeakerTRACK email marketing system

PLUS Features

  • 100% Profile features
  • 30 minutes of HD video on profile
  • Recommendations on profile
  • SpeakerTRACK email marketing system
  • Social Media Integration
  • 5 powerful plugins for your own website

Let them see you in action

If you were hiring a speaker, would you rather read about them or see them in action? Add streaming video to your profile and receive up to 30 minutes of video storage. Connect with potential clients by showing them how you connect with an audience.

Seeing you in action = more bookings

Create new opportunities

Create new opportunities every time you travel by letting current and past clients know when you’ll be in town. SpeakerTRACK is a dynamic tool that connects your travel schedule to your email list for powerful automated marketing.

Knowing you’re in town = more bookings

Move to the front of the line

Move to the front of the lineIf you want to get noticed, is it better to be first or last in line? Definitely first! Stand out from the competition in directory search results with links to your videos, testimonials, and profile. Bring your electronic media kit to life and be first in line by giving potential clients more reasons to hire you instead of someone else.

Being first in line = first in mind

Make it easy to work with your office

Adding Online Assistant to your website makes it easy for clients to work with you. Clients can check your availability in real-time and place holds on your calendar through your website. Online Assistant eliminates double entry—when your customers place holds, you are notified instantly via email; the data flows directly into your calendar.

Offering 24/7 availability = great relationships with clients

Automate communication

Who are you more likely to hire: someone you hear from once or someone you hear from often? eSpeakers’ social media feature lets you use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to communicate with clients, and best of all, it connects with your business calendar. When you update your calendar with a confirmed event, your social media accounts are automatically updated.

Constant, automatic communication = more success

Upgrade to PLUS

Boost your speaking career with the marketing and exposure of an eSpeakers PLUS account.